How Much Does It Cost To Re-Roof A House In NZ?

Introduction to Roofing in Auckland NZ

Re-roofing your home in New Zealand can be a major yet necessary investment to protect one of your most valuable assets. As your roof bears the brunt of harsh weather elements year-round, it requires routine checks, maintenance, and the occasional overhaul to keep it in good working order.


When the time comes to re-roof your home, several key factors determine the project cost. We’ll explore those here so you can set realistic expectations when budgeting.

What Is Re-Roofing in Auckland NZ?

“Re-roofing” refers to the process of:

  • Removing old roof covering
  • Repairing any damaged substrate
  • Replacing underlay
  • Installing new roof covering

Re-roofing not only upgrades worn roofing materials, but also addresses underlying issues like rot, leaks, and general deterioration. It is more involved and expensive than basic roof repairs, but helps avoid bigger problems down the road.

Why Re-Roof Your Home in Auckland?

There are two main reasons homeowners re-roof their property:

1. Their Roof Has Reached The End Of Its Lifespan

The average lifespan of common NZ roofing materials:

  • Asphalt shingles: 20-25 years
  • Concrete tiles: 50+ years
  • Long run steel: 25-60 years
  • Clay tiles: 70-100+ years

Roofs that exceed these timeframes often show signs of wear like curling, cracks, leaks, and paint fading. Re-roofing renews your home’s weatherproof seal.

2. To Update Their Home’s Curb Appeal

Beyond functional reasons, some homeowners re-roof to modernize their home’s aesthetic by:

  • Switching materials (e.g. asphalt to metal)
  • Changing color scheme
  • Altering style (e.g. flat to pitched)

NZ Re-Roofing Cost Factors

Many variables affect your project’s final cost. The main ones are:

Roof Size

Larger roofs require more materials, labor, time to re-roof. Use this as a general guide:

  • Small (100 m2): $15,000-$30,000
  • Medium (150 m2): $30,000-$50,000
  • Large (200+ m2): $50,000+

Pitch And Complexity

Simple, low-pitched roofs are most affordable. Complex multi-level roofs with steep pitches incur more safety precautions, equipment/staging, specialized labor.


Difficult access to your roof (e.g. multi-story homes) equates to higher material transport and labor costs.


Pricing for common NZ roofing materials:

Material Cost Per M2
Asphalt Shingles $100-$120
Concrete Tiles $75
Long Run Steel $55-$60
Clay Tiles $100-$190

Higher-end materials like slate, copper increase project costs substantially.

Structural Reinforcing by Roofers in Auckland

If switching to substantially heavier roofing, reinforcements to walls, rafters and roof framing may be required. Materials and structural engineering costs apply.

Scaffolding/Equipment Rental

For safe access, projects often require scaffolding, scissor lifts etc. Budget $2,500-$5,000.

Colorsteel® Premium

Upgrading to Colorsteel® colors like Grey Friars or Ironsand over plain galvanized steel adds $5-$10 per m2.

Waste Management

Removal and disposal of old roofing materials incurs additional fees.

Regional Factors

Location affects material transport costs to your site. Rural areas typically higher than urban.

Re-Roofing Vs. Roof Repairs in Auckland – Cost Comparison

Given re-roofing’s substantial price tag, you may wonder if patching leaks and damage is more budget-friendly. Here is a comparison of both options:

Factor Repairs Re-Roofing
Cost Cheaper
More expensive
Scope Fixes isolated issues Replaces entire roof
Process Patching, sealing, replacing individual damaged areas/materials Full tear-off of old roof
Re-laying underlay, new roof covering
Lifespan Extension Temporary 5-10 years Long-term 20-50+ years
Ideal For Newer roofs with minor defects Old roofs nearing replacement age

While repairs provide short-term relief at a lower price, re-roofing gives you decades of worry-free performance. Analyze age, condition, and existing issues to determine the best value.

Additional Auckland Roofers Costs To Consider

Beyond the roof itself, related tasks can drive up your total project investment:

Gutter/downpipe replacement: Old gutters are often replaced in conjunction with re-roofing due to leakage risks. Budget $2,500+.

Roof ventilation improvements: Lack of airflow can lead to moisture buildup. Expect $500+ to add vents, turbines.

Insulation upgrades: Access underneath is convenient during projects. Compare costs vs. benefits.

Solar power retrofitting: Ideal time to install if contemplated. Panels roughly $6,000+.

Remedial repairs: Rotten roof framing, rafter or ceiling/wall damage from leaks found during tear-off may need addressing.

Consents/permits: Depending on region, council consents or permits may be another couple thousand dollars. Know your area’s regulations.

Asbestos removal: See next section.

Carefully weigh the return on investment for any add-ons versus future-proofing with quality roofing materials from the start.

Asbestos Testing & Removal Costs by Auckland Roofing Contractors

Asbestos cement roofing materials were widely used in NZ until the 1980s. If your home dates to this period, asbestos testing is critical before re-roofing.

Untrained removal risks hazardous exposure. Using registered asbestos contractors is the only safe, legal option. Allow $1,000+ for testing, and if positive – $15,000+ for asbestos removal.

Factor these Auckland Roofing contingencies into your budget if applicable.

Choosing A Roofing Company in Auckland

Hiring a professional, experienced roofing contractor is strongly advised over DIY projects. They bring:

  • Knowledge of building codes/consent requirements
  • Project management skills
  • Access to quality wholesale materials
  • Tools/equipment
  • Safety training
  • Insurance protections

While DIY seems cheaper upfront, the risk of ending up with subpar materials/workmanship or personal injury can cost you vastly more long-term.

Invest in your roof and home’s future by having the job done right the first time. Get multiple quotes and check references to find the best roofer at the fairest price.

Protecting Your Investment Long-Term

To maximize your new roof’s lifespan and function:

  • Inspect it yearly and after extreme weather.
  • Clear debris and leaves regularly.
  • Trim back overhanging trees.
  • Re-coat steel roofs every 4-7 years.

Ongoing maintenance preserves waterproofing, drainage and ventilation integrity for decades beyond initial warranty periods.


Re-roofing brings substantial upfront cost, but pays off exponentially over your roof’s 20-50+ year lifespan. Carefully weigh the many factors covered here as you budget and plan this vital home upgrade project.

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